Safety Advices

While we make sure that protecting our users is a top priority for the entire beAmore team, we understand that scammers can be resourceful, selective, and creative, so it takes time to identify and block their profiles. Help us find and block these profiles faster.

It is important to understand that we, BeAmore International Limited, do not receive or store user bank card data that can be used by fraudsters and scammers. For the safety of users, we do not process payments from your bank cards - they are processed on the side of such services as Unlimint, SberPay, Yandex Money, SBP, AllPayments, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We do not disclose any data about our users, except for those that the user himself indicates in the questionnaire.

Follow these simple security tips to make your use of the beAmore app as comfortable as possible:

1. Do not share your account information (login, password, access code) with third parties.
2. Do not indicate the data of documents (passport, ID Card, TIN, SSN, etc.) in your profile.
3. If another beAmore user asks you too aggressively for personal information, please contact us via the beAmore Support Chat.
4. Do not give other users passwords, codes and answers to "secret" questions that can help them hack into your mail.
5. Do not share bank card numbers or any other payment or confidential information with other users.
6. Do not switch to third-party messengers ahead of time — we have made communication in beAmore as safe and convenient as possible.
7. If you want to hear the voice of the interlocutor, ask him to record and send you a voice message.
8. Always be careful when clicking on links that other users send you - scammers are on the alert.
9. If a user in the first or second message asks for your phone number, this is most likely an agency, not a real profile. We are fighting these "data collectors" so always report such incidents to the beAmore Support Chat.
10. Beware of scammers - these people may ask for money to return to their country or come to you. Often, a scammer reports that he sent you a gift, but you need to pay extra for its delivery or customs clearance. If you encounter such a situation, immediately report it to the support service chat. And do not think that this happens for the first time and it is with you.
11. If someone contacts you by phone or email on behalf of beAmore, immediately report it to the Support chat. We conduct all communications only in the official channel "Messages from beAmore".
12. If you encounter unacceptable behavior on the site, immediately report it to the beAmore Support chat. You can independently block the user if communication with him causes discomfort.
13. If you find any fake profiles, report it directly in the profile card.